HeavyWeight BJJ; Choose to be a Superhero

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HeavyWeight BJJ; Choose to be a Superhero

Postby markmunster » Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:08 am

Hey guys - I just wrote up an article about using BJJ as a way to tackle and teach life lessons. Hope you enjoy.

Munster BJJ

There goes my hero

Do you want to make a significant impact on your life that you can’t even imagine is possible?

Do you want to make that same impact on the lives of those around you?

Do you believe in…SUPER POWERS?

Of course you do!

If you’ve already started training, you’re already well aware of the power of the moves and techniques you are learning and that they as close to being a kick-ass SuperHero as you’ll get!

When trouble is around, the SuperHero finds a way to get in their costume (Superman went into a phone booth, Spiderman used his webbing to hold his camera and clothes in an alleyway, and Hulk………Hulk just ruined his clothes all the time.)

(SuperHero 101 Tip: This doesn’t mean you have to have a Gi ready to wear when trouble is around. But you might want to wear your rashguard under your regular clothes!)

When you train in a grappling-based sport like BJJ and wrestling, you will be revealing and developing character traits that have been hidden, lying dormant. Maybe they just needed some dusting off. These character traits are lessons by which to live a long, healthy life. When you make this kind of effort towards your self-development, you impact the lives of those around you.

Much like a SuperHero shows up to save the day, being a “SuperHero” means being someone that cares enough about themselves and those around them to make the most out of every moment together. You “show up” for yourself and for others.

Entire article:
https://heavyweightbjj.wordpress.com/20 ... superhero/
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