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Re: UK Weighted Vest

Postby ThroughTheThorns » Wed Sep 18, 2019 2:58 am

Snaplight wrote:UK based so please bear that in mind with your suggestions - I know this is manly a States based forum but we seem to have some UK members.

So i'm looking for a weighted vest - doesn't need to be super heavy but does need to be well made and constructed and fit properly in the right places.

Any suggestions , links or experiences with that topic please.

I have noticed its a bit more difficult to get a vest in the 100ibs range this neck of the woods without forking out for one of the expensive v force vests that I see guys reccomending here in the past. Those ones are the best if you want heavier vests but I dont even think you can get them shipped to UK from them or another online retailer at all..

I managed to find this on ebay a while back and put it in my saved items basket, still expensive due to import charges but the 80ib one I like the look of and a couple of times I considered forking out for it when I had spare money saved. Gonna share the link for anyone in the UK who wants a weighted vest nearing the 80-100ibs range - this one on ebay might be the way to go -
I still wouldnt pay that amonut for the 100ib vest though, the 80ibs one perhaps.. but thats just me.

If your talking just 20ib-40ib weighted vest though... any of the brands you like the look of will honestly do.. its when you want to go heavier that it becomes a problem with UK vests. I wanted a heavier one instead of having more than one vest over time as I know Ross uses a 100ib vest along with some of the other dudes here who use them for max strength gains.

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