Getting Out Of Shape

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Getting Out Of Shape

Postby (Insert Name Here) » Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:12 pm

Like the title says...

A little about me: I used to be on this site religiously when I boxed and was in stupid shape thanks to ross’ books and my own competitive drive. Now Im older, have more responsibilities, work a physically demanding job and so I struggle to find the motivation without competition. Ive tried the gyms around here, even dabbled in muay thai for 6 months but i find classes too rigid and miss the free form training from my old gym in gp. I did like one gyms classes but it was really expensive and you couldnt spar there :(. Im going to have to let the accumulating fat on my gut and waning strength and endurance be my motivation to get back into shape.

What Im going to work towards:
One arm chin
Iron cross
A solid front lever
Hand strength

Whats still going for me:
Back lever-can still do these really well
Front lever-can do a flat tucked pretty decent still
Standing rollout-can still go down quite far, im not far off of a full one currently
L-Sit (curved back)-can still hold these solid for 20s on my first go
1 arm pushups-can still do 5 but its pretty difficult
Same with one arm one leg pushups

Just typing this makes me realize the core strength has stayed pretty well but pretty much all other benchmarks have gone down ALOT

Work-we did footings and about 3 hours worth of digging today (FML) for point loads and jacked up the site office trailer onto blocks with a crowbar...its probably good wcb didnt show up Now, that's funny.

15-10 pushup ladder (30 sec rest)

-12, 11, 10 where all pieced together. I stopped there cuz pushups tend to make me very sore now. I got a crazy pump immediately. 75 pushups total

20s, 20s, 20s hollow holds
-Im a little shaky but not bad. 20s is really not hard.

5 self resisted finger extensions, 25 gripper reps (red)
-used the red gripper

—-injust did a few things today on a whim that also went along with my goals.
100 Burpees: 5:35
1.5 Miles: 7:58
Deadlift: 375lbs @ 165lbs
Bench: 235 @ 165lbs
Squat: 245 @ 165lbs

"Don't think 'do', be doing..."
"Do what you love"

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