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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby FeelGood » Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:48 am

Macc wrote:^ :mozilla_laughing: That's only the 8609869856847th time I've heard that one :mozilla_laughing:

Yeah now you know what happens when you dont post your workout for too long :snooty:
also I took out some Maccsurance just in case:

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:06 am

I want 50% of proceeds from that product!!

26/8/2011 - Strength and core combined;

6x4 furniture glider rollouts (very very close to full rollout! :) )

1-arm clean and press - 4 sets (4@27.5kg, 4@30kg, 3@32.5kg, 2@32.5kg (failed 3rd on both arms) )

Snatch - 4x3 (25, 27.5, 30, 30kg)

4x [10 Bent over row (30kg), 6 GHR]

4x [6 1-arm bench press (25, 25, 27.5, 27.5kg), 5 pistols (12.5kg)]

3x [20 Russian twist (10kg), 20 superman, 100 chinnies, 10 band side bends]

Notes: It was raining, so outside was out of bounds and I felt like changing up my routine. I also fancied doing a real beefcake workout. So I did a combination of II and NG style workouts. Pretty much II exercises put together a bit like the strength workouts in NG (alternating upper and lower body to shorten rests), but with added snatch and C+P to start. And core.

I dunno, it took ages but it felt like a serious workout. Enjoyed it a lot! Also battered that 30kg snatch. The form was going on the heaviest ones, but I got the fecker up there pretty fast :)

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:28 am


AM - GPP #3

PM - Magic 50 (modified):

5 db snatches per arm
5 db swings per arm
100 rope turns as fast as possible

5 circuits in 9:23

Notes: Woke up after a few beers feeling roooouugh. Forced myself to do GPP #3 to try to get some recovery happening after yesterday's heavy workout. While I didn't go as hard as I could, I went as hard as I could given my physical condition :D It certainly did the job, so after working a bit at the studio during the day I came home and fancied doing a bit more. It had been raining and as I'd done 65-70 burpees in the morning, I subbed in 100 rope turns for the burpees. Loved it! Less than ten minutes to a big sweat, and worked on my snatch technique. Next time I'm doing 50 double unders instead though...

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:51 am

Oops: yesterday was rest.


AM - Core:

6x4 ramp rollout

3x [20 Russian twist (10kg), 20 band good mornings, 8 Saxon side bends (10kg), 20 V-ups (10kg), 10 side bend]

Bridge - 1min 9s

PM - Strength (explosive):

5x3 2db front snatch (20kg)

5x3 db push press (20kg)

2x10 behind-the-back-clap plyo pushups, 2x10 full body plyo pushups
4x12 knee tucks

4x10 pullups
4x12 lunge jump

3x20 power overs
3x15 2db swing (12.5kg each)

Notes: Loved it. Mixed up the II and NG workout styles again and flew through it. Really enjoy the NG explosive workouts, but love mixing in the db stuff. Didn't need to do the last two exercises really, but did em anyway. Well pleased with the first set of behind the back claps, properly nailed them :mozilla_cool:

The rollout continues to get closer... it could be this week...

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:59 pm


AM: Minute drill 3 x 4 (max intensity)

PM: ICT #1 'No Excuses'

60/45/30/15s burpees, pullups, squats, pushups

Notes: Dead calves after the explosive action the previous day, forced myself to do MD's and was buckled after. Was *extremely* pushed for tiume in the evening so thought I'd give ICT #1 a go. Bloody hell, that is a NASTY little workout! :mozilla_yell: :mozilla_laughing:

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:32 am


RIP Grandad. 1 year today, Still sorely sorely missed. Inspiration, gentleman, joker.


AM - Core:

4 [6 ramp rollouts, 6 saxon side bends @ 12.5kg, 20 supermans, 20 Russian twist @ 10kg, 15 side crunch]

Bridge - 1m 6s

PM - Strength (max)

2db push press - 4x4 @ 25kg

1-arm snatch - 4 @ 25, 30, 30 + 1 @ 32.5kg (failed 2nd both arms)

Bent over row - 2x10 @ 32.5kg, 2x8 @ 35kg
Pistol - 4x5 @ 12.5kg

4x12 band pushup
4x10 ham curls on wall w/ 10kg weight

Bollocks to a finisher, was finished.

Notes: Mad how 4x6 ab wheel rollouts as part of a circuit MURDERS you compared to 6x4 before doing circuits. All important and useful stuff.

Battered the 30kg snatch that humbled me a few pages back, should have tried the 32.5kg on the third set. Next time though...

Best was getting a whole new respect for my green resistance band - those 4x12 pushups were absolutely fucking BRUTAL. Much much worse than the weighted pushups I have been doing of late, jeebus. Dunno why I didn't try it before. Also the weighted ham curls, couldn't be bothered to lug the sandbag out and crush my ankles again for GHR, and this felt horrible/great.

Overall, loving the II exercises combined with a general NG arrangement - getting more work in the same time, and really enjoying making up my own workouts based on principles and not following stuff blind. I really enjoy some weight stuff, but love the BW/convenience thing too. Need more HSPUs though.

A nice exercise day really, hence the waffle :)

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:44 am



AM: EIT #4

50m sprint
25m bear walk
25m crab walk

9 circuits in 15:20


3 minutes hardcore skipping
1 minute rest


Notes: Did my intervals in the morning, but it was such a nice day I took my rope to the park for a relaxing sunshine skip. Found my gymboss in my bag, next thing you know I'm doing skipping intervals :doh: Got some funny looks from a couple of passers by, but skipping (and no doubt looking) like a maniac wearing my 'STFU and train' T-shirt had them moving swiftly on :)

This workout was brought to you by Nucleus and Paradox;

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:28 pm

Been away again... this 'having a new girlfriend' thing is kind of fun actually :)

Great thing is that less than 5 minutes' walk from her place is a bona fide pull-up bar in the park. Brilliant!

So, quick summary (as I know you've all been desperate to know);

Fri 2/9: Core stuff, missed explosive workout as I was travelling to the lady's place, BUT

Sat 3/9: wanted to make up for missing the explosive without missing my conditioning workout, so I came up with this;

'6 of the best'

6 pullups
6 knee tucks
6 plyo pushups
6 lunge jumps
6 pike press with clap
6 squat jump

Set up like Work Capacity 101, ie. start a new circuit every 2 minutes.

I was absolutely buckled after this, going to submit it for a WoW. Was pleased with the name, it certainly spanked my arse...

Sun 4/9: Frying eggs all day (don't ask)

Mon 5/9: Core in the AM and strength in the park. Resistance bands and that pull up bar = winner. Got some clap pullups happening too :)

Tue 6/9: Work capacity 101 in very harsh conditions in the park, very high winds, some rain... love it :D

Back to normal today!

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby Macc » Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:15 am


AM - Core:

6x4 ramp rollout

3x [20 Russian twist (10kg), 10 weighted superman (4kg med ball between feet, 5kg in hands), 20 V-up (12.5kg in hands), 15 agonisingly slow side crunch]

bridge - 1m 10s :)

PM: Explosive strength

5x3 2-arm front snatch @ 20kg each db

5x3 2-db push press @22.5kg each db

4x [5x 1-arm bench @ 25kg, 8x plyo pushups, 1min wall squat :mozilla_yell: , 10x squat jump]

3x15 band good mornings (both med and heavy bands)

Notes: Rollout is coming... Enjoyed trying out the weighted superman too, been looking for a way to spruce that up a bit. I took a massive chunk out of my hand by getting a blister underneath a very well-established callous over the weekend, so I improvised a bandage thing which worked ok, but there was no way I was doing dumbell swings, hence the 'heavy' good mornings. I tell you what, they did a bloody good job on me too. Love them bands.

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Re: Macc's log-o'-riddim

Postby tom.642 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:55 am

Macc wrote:How's the OAPU form coming along Tom? :)

Mine's still where it was really... when I do them I am still sort of studying wtf is going on (in amongst the strain). I'll start fixing it soon.

Hey Macc, I've had a bit of a problem with my left wrist so OAPU was paused a little. Back on it now though, they're starting to get easier but I haven't filmed myself recently so not sure about the form. I love doing them though, it feels awesome doing a OAPU! I'm looking to put shitloads of work in on the triceps so I can start doing the arm-in style.

Your bridge is looking good, like your rollouts! I've been slacking a bit on them recently, will get on them ASAP. I like the OA Bench too, when I used to do them I was shocked at how hard they were, a 25kg DB is a lot harder then a 50kg BB. Keep up the good work!

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