Excuses are like ***holes!

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Excuses are like ***holes!

Postby AzRich » Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:07 pm

So after years of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and using Infinite Intensity to keep me solid both on and off the mat, I have basically been idle since August of last year. I had to move from Tucson to Phoenix to finish school and between classes and work, I have been out of regular jiu-jitsu training. In turn, II completely went kaput as well.

I am up around 15lbs of fat, 10lbs over my normal for competion walking around. Cardio is shit as I might get on the mat only two to four times a month. I noticed however that endurance and recovery is still pretty decent and interestingly enough, my grip strength and endurance seems pretty phenomenal all things considered.

So, I am looking towards World Master Seniors Championships this year to return back to the competition scene with a possible warm-up tournament prior to it around September/October. While I am still not able to commit 100% to getting back on the mat until this semester is over, I can make the time for Infinite Intensity.

So yesterday, 03/31, I hit up Magic 50 with 20lb dumbbells and then Farmer's Walk with 50lbs each walk. Getting ready to hit up interval training and core now for day two. Right now just staying somewhat light and manageable to break the body back into this routine. Making some major diet adjustments as well for recovery and weight loss.

No more excuses. :naughty:
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