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Cheap, healthy convenience meals

Postby Preinar » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:22 am

I’m looking for some quick alternatives for different meals that have a long shelf life or can be made in bulk and frozen down. Most of all, I need tips for what to bring for lunch when I’m at work (don’t have any refrigerator or heating possibility at work). This is what I eat now, please feel free to add to the list:

- Rolled oats with milk and raisins
- Eggs (scrambled/omelette/just fried)
- on weekends: Potatoes, eggs and bacon (+onions, pepper etc)

If I’m working evenings or nights, lunch is the same as breakfast, if I’m working dayshifts it’s usually a sandwich or two (cheese and ham/cured meat, peanutbutter and low sugar jam)
I really need some lunchbox tips, and after a rather unpleasant experience with a lunchbox filled with rice, beans, onions, bacon and sausage left in the car in the summer sun, I have stoppes bringing leftovers from dinner...

- Chili con carne fra Jamie Oliver I make a big pot of this now and then, and freeze it in portions. I usually add more beans, chili and other veggies etc.
- Different wok/stir frys with chicken, beef or lean pork and veggies with rice.

I would relly like of someone got any recipes for a proteinrich pot/stew a la the chili mentioned above

Same as breakfast

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