Bute v Froch

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Bute v Froch

Postby -PATCH- » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:31 am

Bute v Froch in Nottingham on May 26.

Looking forward to this fight! :dance:

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Re: Bute v Froch

Postby Brazen » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:43 am

Interesting bout. I'd favour Froch to win via a narrow decision.

At this stage of his career Froch will be looking to consolidate his legacy.

Beating Bute followed by redemption v. Kessler would be an incredible end.

You have to admire run of bouts he's had - Relentless.
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Re: Bute v Froch

Postby GrantHeston » Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:14 pm

Really looking forward to this one. People dog on Bute for not fighting the best, but he wasn't invited to the Super 6. What the hell was he supposed to do? I think he's a better fighter than people give him credit for. It's complete bullshit that Ward says he hasn't done enough to earn a fight with him yet. So who else is out there that is deserving of a shot at Ward then? You can stay home and sell 2,000 tickets and nobody will watch your boring ass on tv anyways. Sorry, I got carried away there....

Anyways, I love both these guys styles. Been a reluctant fan of Froch since he took out my boy JT. I think their styles are gonna make for a great matchup.

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Re: Bute v Froch

Postby Brooklyn_teacher » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:13 am

Yep, cracking fight. Froch is a credit to the sport and to his home town. He deserves one in Nottingham.
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