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Re: Free Women's Self Defense Seminar

Postby Steel » Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:33 am

Well it’s been over two years since this thread was posted and I have to ask myself has anything changed in my ideas around female/male self-protection. Paladin covers 100% of the broad sweep an excellent insightful recent post, each subtopic could build a modular curriculum.
As you may already know, a few years back when these subjects were being discussed the term MUC was shared (managing unknown contacts by the trainer known as Southnarc)
See a free open source PDF of Managing Unknown Contacts (this could be given as resource class material for study consideration) ... ntacts.pdf

For me the subject of planned violence setup misdirection seems to be one of the favourite opening scripts that will/may be used against you. This misdirection is of course a universal ploy, misdirection attempts to place your focus direction elsewhere off the incoming attack.
I am sure there are thousands of ways misdirection can be used but the one recently used on me by three up and coming young bucks with a dead set intention to fuck me up with a pavement stomping or worse was that I had dropped money a few metres back on the side walk pavement. No doubt I was to swivel my head back left and down to look for my precious lost cash. The details of this encounter could fill a small self-defence strategic game plan that was initiated by me at about 80 yards out on first sight , gut instincts a fearful adrenal dump feeling in my stomach) long before the three street bangers even got closer.

I thank my survival that night to the years of study and more important than the fighting skills the actual initial game plan strategy learned from multiple great teacher sources but in particular that night Kelly McCann advice on pre deployment (as paladin puts it the bringing the “force multiplier” into consideration) and an innate sense of not being perpendicular hips sideways on to any of them repositioning myself in relation to all of them so I could see all three on a horizon in front of me ( one was trying to creep right and inwards outside my peripheral vision) in effect I was managing three hostile unknown contacts in that moment.

I see misdirection and scenarios like these as neutral of gender it is equally used on both male and female so called “victims”.
Evolve a list of misdirection’s street scripts used to cause “attentional fixation” and close proximity. Come up with verbal/behavioural responses to disrupt these set ups in class. In my particular case surrounded by three and my gut screaming “danger” I had no intention of falling into automatic patterns of behaviour and looking away and down, very hard to do as we seem hard wired to follow these small language influencing cues.

Good to see these subjects still being discussed.

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