Year training routine help for 2nd Dan

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Year training routine help for 2nd Dan

Postby ILoveTheMArts » Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:56 pm

Hi All

I practice both Karate and Boxing, unfortuantly I have been ill over the past few weeks and have been suffering from back problems for months.

The illness is clearing up and I have been having treatment for my back which is now nearly healed.

My strength and general strength conditioing has always been rather poor, but I have always been fit stamina wise just weak. I now want to change this up, I want to become strong and powerful.

I have my 2nd Dan in a year and I want to be in peak condition for this, both Stamina and Strength wise. 2 aspects of my second dan is I have to be able to perform 250 pushups and 250 modified burpees (You start by doing a star jump, you also do a pushup in the down position) at the end of the grading. I also have some other goals I would like to achieve for example.

30 Pullups, can do 5 at the moment.
30 Chinups, can do 10 at the moment.
Proper 1 Arm Pushup (Feet together body parallel to the ground)
10 Proper Handstand Pushups (None at the moment)

But these are just personal goals that I would eventually like to achieve, my main goal is getting physically ready for the grading, I do karate 4 times a week so technical work is taking care of there.

So just looking for ideas of training that will get me functionally strong and ready for my grading. I can devote 3 days a week to this training program, any more than that I think I will be overtraining as I do karate 4 times a week and boxing twice a week.

Any help is appreciated



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Re: Year training routine help for 2nd Dan

Postby hatchi » Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:35 pm

If you want to be "strong and powerful" you're going to have to have some more extensive lower body goals, as well as some maximal and explosive strength goals. Doing 30 continuous reps of anything is strength endurance.

Some economical maximal strength barbell exercises are back squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows. Weighted chin ups, and dips are excellent upper body pulls and presses respectively for developing maximal strength.

Good beginner goals for maximal strength would to be:

1.5xbw squat
2xbw deadlift
0.75xbw press (or some variation of handstand press)
bw + 25% weighted chin up (or advanced variation of chin up)

Obviously work very gradually in these with your freshly healed back, and never sacrifice form for any reason. Hyperflexion is not fun. The lower body movements are worth their weight in gold, all strength and power in standing sports starts in the lower body, transferred from the ground.

Not only do you want to be strong , you want to be powerful, explosive. So have some movements that train your muscles to contract quickly as well as powerfully. Leaps, jumps, bounding, they all train explosiveness in the lower body. Broad jumps, box jumps, vertical jumps.

For the upper body, explosive variations of push ups and pull ups are great.

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Re: Year training routine help for 2nd Dan

Postby JCL » Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:09 pm

Your situation sounds familiar to me. I graduated college at 120lbs w/ virtually no real strength. Almost everyone here knows more about strength training than I do, but here's what worked for me:

Every morning (while the shower heated up) I did pushups to failure and 50 crunches. After a while the pushups started getting towards 50, so I elevated my feet (about 2ft off the ground) and added a medicine ball to the crunches. This process added almost 20lbs of muscle in about a year. The drawback to this is that it virtually ignors the legs - but it's not a bad place to start.

In particular to dead lifts with a back issue - these are awesome exercises for the lower back and legs but unless you have someone to coach you on them (or already have good form) I'd avoid them. Deadlifts done badly are very hard on the user. Squats and long frontstance instead (I used to step through in a fudo with my kid on my shoulders - that was great fun)

Ross' wheels are also a great all-around exercise and pull up are also a must.
I'm certainly not arguing that this is the best routine, but I could fit it into my day on a regular basis and I got good results.
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Re: Year training routine help for 2nd Dan

Postby KeyboardWarrior » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:20 am

For legs: Grab a medball or small sandbag and do deep squats followed by frontkicks. So, squat, front kick left, squat, front kick right.

Of course you can also do other kicks, or use lunges instead of squats.
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