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MMA Tutorials

Postby Ross Enamait » Wed Jun 13, 2007 1:41 pm

This list was compiled from previous threads on the MMA Talk section of the board. If you have any questions regarding copyright, please contact me directly. I have simply copied and pasted links, and am not aware of any violations.


Muay Thai - The Art of Fighting

Cross kick, by Vut Kamnark

Low kick to both legs, by Vut Kamnark

Straight knee, by Alex Gong ... hmz=746162

Body kick, by Alex Gong ... ck_extreme


Wing Tsun (7 part series)

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

Part 5 -

Part 6 -

Part 7 -

BJJ Beginner Info ... -jitsu.htm

The 20 fundamental moves of jiu jitsu

Excellent Grappling Site

Muay Thai Basics

Modern Army Combatives Program ... 7277855734

Grappling Instructional Video List (from


BAS RUTTEN'S armbars, armlocks, escapes ... cksescapes

Bas Rutten - Vol 8 - Ground Fighting ... d-fighting

Ernesto Hoost K-1 Instructional ... al_extreme

BAS RUTTEN'S leg locks vol3 ... l3_extreme

Escapes from the side/Renzo and Craig ... ig_extreme

GRACIE BASICS VOL 3 ... -3_extreme

BJJ Back Mount Control Instructional Clip

Keylock Demonstration

BJJ - Tools of the Trade II (No Gi) ... gi_extreme

-Larger bodies of work-

Functional half guard -By Indrek Reyland from Aliveness gym Estonia ... land&hl=en

Nougeira Valetudo techniques ... 6750&q=bjj

Bjj by Elliot -Lots of Eddie Bravo stuff here ... ot+-&hl=en

"Essence of judo" ... judo&hl=en

Matt Thornton discussing why you should train with "aliveness" ... ness&hl=en

The Abhaya resource - Lots of great solid basic techniques ... lv=0&so=2#

The resource

The Cesar Gracie resource: ... sar+gracie


---Smaller collection of grappling techniques---

Jean Jacues Machados 5 favorite finishes ... 2431&q=bjj

Guardwork with Machado ... 6421&q=bjj ... 0896&q=bjj

Closed guard BJJ techniques ... ed&search=

Rear Naked Choke Tutorial ... aked+choke

Small intro to bjj

67 judo throws! ... 897&q=judo

Kosen Judo ... 456&q=judo ... 441&q=judo ... 943&q=judo ... 657&q=judo


---Individual techniques---

Stand Up in Base BJJ

Maintaining sidemount ... subfighter

More.. ... subfighter

More... ... subfighter

Transition from sidemount to north south ... subfighter

Anaconda choke

Renzo guillotine choke

Guilotine to front headlock ... subfighter

Butterfly guard sweep ... 4887&q=bjj

Important halfguard drill for mobility ... 6732&q=bjj

Finishing kimura from halfguard ... &q=kesting

Halfguard options ... &q=kesting

Halfguard sweep ... 9705&q=bjj

Halfguard rolling sweep ... 3681&q=bjj

Halfguard driving sweep ... 2745&q=bjj

Halfguard sweep ... 2265&q=bjj

Passing halfguard using armtriangle ... subfighter

Triangle choke from guard ... 5644&q=bjj

Armbar switch from S-mount

Take back from halfguard ... ed&search=

Armbar from guard ... 6139&q=bjj

Armbar from guard variation ... 3&q=armbar

X-guard to kneebar

X-guard to armbar ... ed&search=

"Rolling heelhook" by Imanari

Attacking the turtle with a Darce choke ... subfighter

Neck crank variation against the "turtle"

Standing up from butterfly guard

Ankle lock from open guard

Inverted heelhook

Triangle choke from sidemount

Single leg "running the pipe" ... 7459&q=bjj

Lapel chokes ... 6364&q=bjj

Additions PM'd on 6/14/07

Several Techniques



Gi only


Mark Kerr Fundamental Takedowns: ... -takedowns

Kazushi Sakuraba Instructional (in Japanese): ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

Tutorial Video Site: (added 6/18/07)

BJ Penn videos (added 7/16/07)

Savate Technique (added 8/20/07)


Private message me (or email) with any additions. It will be a cleaner thread if we add all tutorials to one post, and then post comments/questions in the main forum.


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Re: MMA Tutorials

Postby FFS » Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:47 pm

Great Recourses, Thanks

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