How to become a personal trainer?

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How to become a personal trainer?

Postby mariale » Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:32 pm

Hi all,
I've been a marketing manager for about 2 years and I think I'm starting to get bored of being in front of computers all the time.
I've been going to the gym for 1 year already and all my friends use to tell me that I inspire them to keep motivated with their fitness goals as I never give up. I have some personal routines for when I train in the gym or outdoors and I know how to eat healthy and how to establish diets depending on the goals.
I am wondering if I could make my way as a personal trainer?
I think I'm good with people, and may have enough knowledge about the fitness lifestyle.
Should I quit my job and start? How should I go about it?

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Re: How to become a personal trainer?

Postby mariale » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:23 pm

Hey all, btw,
I have been doing more research today and my focus has been on determining which personal trainer certification I should apply for. This seems like a good place to start. I have been reading around as to which are the best personal trainer certifications such as this article ( ... ion-guide/) which ranks ACE and NASM at the top. They seem to be highly recognized and NCAA accredited. Anyone have any experience with one of these?

Do you recommend going with one over the other? Or neither?

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Re: How to become a personal trainer?

Postby Galen » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:32 am

I do not know how these kind of things work in your country.

In mine, there are several different options. You could choose to get a trainer certificate, but there are many different ones and you actually do not need one at all to train people. Some other people have studied sports science, or come from a physical therapy background.

BUt what most of those guys do have in common is, that they first start out as fitness trainers in gyms on weekends. So you get to know the job and maybe get some of your trainees to like you (future customers) while still earning money at your regular job.
Others do start online Youtube-Channels or blogs to share knowledge and build up a client base first.

All this can be done without quitting your job first.

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