2 handed Overhead Dumbbell Swing Mass/Cardio Exercise.

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Re: 2 handed Overhead Dumbbell Swing Mass/Cardio Exercise.

Postby demarcoa » Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:52 pm

ape wrote:A kb swing and the swing Mike outlines are different exercises. A kb swing is much more similar to the T-handle swing that Ross demonstrated in that the arms are used minimally in the lift and are just there to hold onto the weight. The hips are doing all the "work" in the lift. The dumbbell overhead swing uses momentum from the hips but finishes with the shoulders taking over to get the weight overhead. I think of it kind of like the difference between a conventional power snatch and a muscle snatch.

Right, but they're both ballistic swings of a single weight, powered primarily by hip extension. The poster I responded to was saying that it 'isn't a big step away from kettlebells', which it isn't (there are rather pointless debates, of course, as to which came first).
The shoulder-power is an interesting point, I've certainly noticed that with some overhead swings though never really thought of that style difference.

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