Planche Progressions

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Planche Progressions

Postby benfromwales » Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:56 pm

I posted a while back about the Front Lever, progress with that seems to be going okay. I wanted to start working on the Planche too but wasn't able to do the Frogstand till yesterday, I'd tried it a few times but turns out I was doing it wrong. I don't think it'll be long before I can hold it for 60 seconds.

Has anyone got any tips for progressing from the Frogstand to the Tuck Planche? It looks really hard and the instructions in the Gymnastic Bodies book are a wee bit sketchy.


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Re: Planche Progressions

Postby Yellow-Jumpsuit » Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:49 pm

That's the easiest transition. Tuck to flat tuck is a bastard and is taunting me at the moment.

Just work on holding it for sets even if they are sets of 2 seconds. This is what I do for the advanced tuck planche. It may look hard but the tuck planche will come quickly.
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Re: Planche Progressions

Postby micskelly » Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:56 pm

There is another progression before tuck. Advanced frogstand is a intermediate step that is not really mentioned much. It helps prepare the elbows for the tuck progression because it is a frog stand done with straight arms. Your knees will rest on your triceps, arms must be straight otherwise you aren't getting the benefit. Try a youtube search and you might find a video of it.

Good luck
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Re: Planche Progressions

Postby Padawan » Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:57 pm

When I started working the planche again recently, I just played around with tuck planche holds for a couple of seconds (like YJ says). After a while, I felt like I was doing them for "time", so I started doing 5 second holds. Then, I just kept at it.

Also, I find the 60-seconds-of-total-work thing doesn't work well for me. I do better with 2-3 holds for time, but not straining until perhaps the last hold. For example, I'll do 3 x :08 second tuck planches, or maybe 3 x :15 flat back levers. But that's just me. Experiment and see what system works best for you.

I would highly recommend working on the back lever before starting into the unsupported-body planche progressions. There are many of the same muscles worked.

And if braindx posts, listen to every word he says. He really knows his gymnastics.
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Re: Planche Progressions

Postby Timy » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:32 pm

So I have a straddle planche on parallets and am soooo close to a straddle on rings.

Some things to keep in mind, flex your pecs/pull your shoulder blades apart and your hips will feel weightless. This was something I was never taught or saw on the internet and I jumped from flat tuck to half straddle as soon as I learned it.

Side note on front lever, squeeze your shoulder blades together and you will have a better lever.

As pad said, sometimes 60s of aggregate work doesnt work. shoot for 80-120secs sometimes, other times just do 30s of total work.

I still like

30 sets of 2 sec holds
20 sets of 3 second holds
15 4
12 5
10 6
8 8
6 10
5 12
4 15
3 20< when you get here its usually time to start working on next progression, BUT keep working on previous progression until you can hold it for a solid 60.

Good luck, and make haste slowly.

Definitely one of those skills that takes its time(almost 2 years off and on for me)
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Re: Planche Progressions

Postby marquito76r » Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:26 pm

i suggest working the frog stand from the floor first, much harder than parralel bars

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Re: Planche Progressions

Postby benfromwales » Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:25 am

Thanks for the input guys. I'm going to keep on with the Frogstand and Planche progressions. I've got back to the Back Lever as well. I was worried about doing it before but seem to be okay and have a bit more control on the rings. I can hold the Tuck Back Lever for about 10 seconds so I'm going to keep working that as well as the Front Lever.


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Re: Planche Progressions

Postby benfromwales » Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:40 am

I'm finding bodyweight exercises a bit harder since I put on 3 or 4kg over Xmas.

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