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Postby Yellow-Jumpsuit » Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:56 am


20. Machine Dance for Conditioning by eowdaoc

21. Principle and Pattern For Success by strongmanmikebruce

22. Goal Setting by strongmanmikebruce

23. Excellence>Stagnation by WeakandWimpy

24. Never Miss a Workout..and Why by Mark McManus

25.The Degradation of Standards by Unsu

MACHINE DANCE For Conditioning
By eowdaoc

I don't really know where to start, so I'll just start. I've been wanting to make this post for a long time because I feel really strongly about what I have to say here. This might not be the right forum to be posting this, so please move it if needed.


I'm sure most of you only know of this as "DDR" or "Dance Dance Revolution." This is a machine dance game. I know you're probably thinking "what the hell...," but read on and you might be intrigued.

I started playing machine dance around 4 years ago. Right now I play once or twice a week for conditioning/skills day. It is amazing for developing lower body anaerobic capacity once you get good enough to play hard shit. It has also strengthened my hips. I will admit it is a bit of a learning curve, but I know a lot of you enjoy a challenge. Like I said I've been doing it on-and-off for 4 years and I'm nowhere near the best. I still get to the point where my legs feel wobbly and I am completely gassed, so being "pro" is not required to get the benefits.

It is an extremely fun workout, and it emulates interval training very well. Around 2-3 minutes of going hard (for most songs) followed by less than 60 seconds of rest (you can rest as little as you want). I have noticed increased capacity for my legs to stay strong during minute drills and lower body workouts (while I am playing it weekly). It wears me out like crazy, comparable to running 400m, sometimes harder.

I also must mention (as a disclaimer, I suppose) that I don't give two shits about the music or "dancing." The game is an insanely fun physical and mental challenge and also develops really good eye-foot coordination. It is not anything like real dancing, but it does make you keep beat with your feet. Yes, some of the "official" music is just super shitty and feminine, but then again some of it is decent enough. Most people just play custom songs using ITG (shown below) though. Getting over the embarrassment of even playing the damn thing in public might be an issue for some, but since this forum is home to a lot of people who do exercises that cause people in the gym to stare and wonder, I think it's no biggie.

As a side note this has also helped develop my thumb grip (from holding the bar). In really intense songs it is like an isometric max strength thumb grip. No joke! I have also learned a lot about different notes in music and how to keep beat very well.

Don't bother searching for each individual game. Just zoom-in to your area and see what you have nearby.

The games you want to be looking for are Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Pump it Up (PIU), and In the Groove (ITG).
  • DDR = more geared towards beginners, only has a handful of difficult songs, and many of them rely on some memorization. 4-panel.
  • PIU = has a wide range of difficulties, from easy to extreme. However, it is a 5-panel game, which makes things a bit different when learning it. Technique is focused on turning the body to hit interesting note patterns. Can definitely strengthen the hips. Is currently the only machine dance currently available in my area.
  • ITG = wide range of difficulties. Technique is focused on minimizing foot movements and increasing speed. 4-panel. Allows custom user-made songs, which is why this one is the most popular, and contains the hardest songs of any machine dance game. This is my favorite.

Here are some vids showing a couple of world-class players. I definitely consider them to be athletes. Don't dismiss the anaerobic (and aerobic) conditioning required to do all of this bullshit just because they make it look effortless. That's only because they're insanely good. There is no flailing of the feet involved. You can clearly hear each tap.

This post will be updated as soon as I get together some more info I would like to share. Otherwise, Google is your friend.

My best advice is to just find one near you and start playing. There aren't really any tricks. Here are some basic tips, though:
  • Shoes with flexible soles that are light weight are recommended (ex. racing flats, "barefoot" running shoes). I currently use the Nike Free 7.0.
  • Always try to play with flat feet; avoid coming up on your toes like a tap-dancer.
  • Move your feet in a way that keeps them as close to each other as possible. This becomes more and more important as song difficulty increases.
  • Step firmly (not stomping) so you can hear your steps. This helps to keep beat.

  • lower body muscular endurance
  • foot speed
  • coordination and balance
  • anaerobic (and aerobic, depending on what songs you play) capacity
  • thumb strength (if you hold on to the bar)
  • hip strength

Try learning how to play this with your fingers. It will help you read the arrows once you start playing on a machine.

Original Topic:
Skinsfan28 wrote:My two minute challenge would be lasting two minutes with Hobby's mom. That's for you Yellow. (That's what I yell after every orgasm)

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Re: Member-Created Articles/Posts Archive

Postby Yellow-Jumpsuit » Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:27 pm


To have success you must have a principle and pattern .
Everything in life is based on Principle. People who live by personality, preferance or prejuidice lack the foundation to build on their lives.

They usually end up failing because they stay on the wrong path doing the wrong thing. Living on principles is life changing.

The more a man builds his life on principle, the higher his highs, the straighter his path and the greater his life.

So how does this apply to our training?

Simple, if you are on the wrong path, you think you know it all , you don’t ask questions to those who have been where you want to be and you don’t constantly seek out more knowledge then how are you to achieve your goals or succeed in life?

Here is how you can achieve your goals and your life:

Seek out someone who is where you want to be, ask this person how they got here, what did they do? Then follow and master the pattern they show you.

By mastering a pattern and the principle on which it rests, you’ll rise above!

Keep the Faith,

The Machine
Skinsfan28 wrote:My two minute challenge would be lasting two minutes with Hobby's mom. That's for you Yellow. (That's what I yell after every orgasm)

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Re: Member-Created Articles/Posts Archive

Postby Yellow-Jumpsuit » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:29 pm


I’m often asked what keeps me going to do the things that I do. Or in other words, where do I get my motivation from? I’m sure this is different for many but for me my motivation comes from many sources:

* to push myself to be the best I can be at my craft.

* to never sacrifice for average but to commit to doing my best.

* to never quit because if I never quit then no matter what I will not be a failure.

* Vanity, I would be lying if I said I do not like the way I look and feel after putting my time in the gym.

Everything in life is based on Principle and living on principles is life changing. The more I build my life on principle, the higher chance I have of success. I use this when it comes to my training. I look at others that I respect and what they have accomplished and thus this ignites the fire inside me to try something similiar.

Emulate those that inspire you. I want to be the best Performing Strongman and Motivational speaker I can be. I look at men like Dennis Rogers, Slim the Hammerman, The Mighty Atom, Houdini, Dan Severn and many more because they are successful at what they do. I have found that most successful people have followed a principle that had a strong pattern behind it.

So I do the same. The better the pattern the better the life.

Setting goals gives me something to work for. If I want to improve one of my lifts I use a successful routine that I then apply. I then work on this routine until I achieve my goal.

The same can be compared to Wrestling or Grappling. Being a former Submission wrestling champion I drilled technique after technique to perfect my craft and become a better wrestler. All these techniques follow a pattern, while some techniques may work for one person but not work for another they all are still good.

Do you see the pattern? Find a successful person, learn their principles and then apply it to a pattern. Goal setting equals success and success leads to more motivation.

I can honestly say there is and never will be any grass growing beneath my feet.
Skinsfan28 wrote:My two minute challenge would be lasting two minutes with Hobby's mom. That's for you Yellow. (That's what I yell after every orgasm)

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Re: Member-Created Articles/Posts Archive

Postby Yellow-Jumpsuit » Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:12 am

BY WeakandWimpy
Why I train?

Because I can't not do it.

Honestly, I need this. I'm too weak, I'm too... human. There are too many things I can't do, there are too many times when I know that enough is enough, and I have to stop.

Because, even if there's no goddamn point to this... I mean, getting stronger, who cares? I'm already fit and stronger than most, beyond that, no one will notice... and what am I really going to do with more strength than I already have that's worth the suffering?
Like I said: even if there's no goddamn point to this, I need it. The absence of it is stagnation, it's accepting that what I already am is enough, it's saying that I'll take the path that's easier even if it has no value, it's accepting rest... worse, pointless rest. I've come to realise that the pursuit of excellence, in everything, matters to me. We all need purpose, whatever-the-fuck that is and as long as I've been searching for that and not finding it, over the past few months I've found a sense of purpose in the pursuit of excellence for no other purpose but excellence itself. Not just in working out but in everything.

To stop, perhaps because I don't feel like it, or perhaps because I don't have time, or do an injury, to stop for any reason would be to surrender my will to keep fighting for something, which quite simply isn't going to happen.
Skinsfan28 wrote:My two minute challenge would be lasting two minutes with Hobby's mom. That's for you Yellow. (That's what I yell after every orgasm)

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Re: Member-Created Articles/Posts Archive

Postby Yellow-Jumpsuit » Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:04 pm


I never miss a workout. Does that sound cocky?

It shouldn’t. I simply understand and apply a powerful technique to compel myself to action. This article will show you how to do it too.

If you are serious about building your dream body, you must take consistent action. I’ll repeat that:

You must take consistent action.

NLP Working out must become your new lifestyle. If you simply workout once in a while with long breaks in between, you can expect dismal results. The reason being that muscle atrophies from lack of use. You can build your biceps for a month, then lose your gains the following month.

Don’t let this put you off though. This is a great lifestyle!

Think about it:

* You improve on a daily basis
* You have high-energy levels
* People respect you more
* You have passion and enthusiasm for life!
* You feel amazing when you see your body transform before your eyes
* You feel powerfully confident as you know you are in control of your life


When I talk about consistency I mean NEVER missing a workout. Not one. Ever.

See this as your goal. You must aim high because even if you fall short, you’ll still do well. I remember hearing Kanye West say something to the effect of,

“If you aim for the stars and fall, you’ll at least land on a cloud”

I thought, no wonder this guy is successful, he thinks like a successful person.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how language affects the nervous system. When I first started learning about NLP I discovered an astounding truth:

Humans are completely controlled by 2 forces in life. They are:

1. Pain
2. Pleasure

Everything we do arises out of the need to avoid pain and/or gain pleasure. Think about it.

Why do you procrastinate? (if you do).

It’s because when you think of the task at hand, it creates more pain inside of you than pleasure. You’re probably visualizing all the tasks you have to complete (pain), all the effort (pain), and maybe it won’t work out anyway (pain).

You could always do something relaxing instead (pleasure), that TV show you like is coming on soon (pleasure), you’ve had a hard day work so you deserve to do nothing (pleasure), and you can always do it tomorrow anyway (pleasure).

When you see it like this, you’ll understand why people procrastinate so much. If they finally get round to completing the task, it’s only because they start to see NOT doing it as more painful than doing it. Think ‘last-minute Tax Returns’ and school assignments.

Attention Ladies! Why do you put on make-up every morning? Do you enjoy it?
I doubt it.
But, the pleasure you will derive throughout the day from that task far outweighs the pain of the process. You probably don’t even think about it, you just do it – it’s automatic. The thought of going about your daily business with no make-up on feels really painful.

This is how we want to approach working out. We just do it, no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’.

How Your Mind Works

Our minds work by association. Oftentimes, memories and imagination trigger emotional responses automatically. Are you aware of Pavlov’s Dogs? Ivan Pavlov discovered that dogs would associate a neutral stimulus, such as ringing a bell, to food. He rang a bell before feeding them every time, and pretty soon all he had to do was ring a bell and the dogs would salivate - no food in sight. An association between the sound of a bell and food had been made. We humans work the same way.

It’s like this: Think of your mind as a hard drive full of mp3 files. When you think of something that scares you, it’s the equivalent of commanding your computer to play mp3 ‘X’. The external stimulus is the command and the emotion of fear is the mp3 file.

This is because there is a neuro-association between the two. Think of event ‘A’, you get emotion ‘A’. Someone with a phobia of spiders runs their ‘panic’ file when they see one; it’s a conditioned response.

If your current associations to exercise aren’t positive, we need to change them. We need to get to the point where:

Thinking of working out = pleasure
Thinking of missing a workout = big time pain

If the thought, “I wonder should I work out tonight?” ever comes into your head, you’ve still got work to do acquire the right mindset for success. Here’s how I think you should do it. (Warning, the following exercise will be emotionally painful for many, but stick with it as the results are worth it).

Create New, Empowering Associations

Answer the following questions (actually write your answers down)

Creating a Painful Association

How will your body look if you don’t work out? Skinny? Fat? Write out a vivid description, use profane language if you want. You want to come up with answers that evoke a negative emotional response.

Think of situations where your body embarrasses you. Write out some real memories or just visualize some situations where having your body = pain.

What will you miss out on if you don’t work out? Might you not attract the man or woman of your dreams? Could you be lonely? Will you be introverted and self-conscious?

Creating a Pleasurable Association

Now answer these.

How will your body look if you do work out? Visualize your ideal body. Feel how good it feels to have this body. See yourself looking at the new you in the mirror.

Imagine some situations – At the beach, at a party, at work. Actually see yourself in social situations where it would feel amazing to have that body. How do your clothes look on you now compared with the old body?

What will you gain by working out? Explosive confidence? A soul-mate? New friends? More respect from people? A real sense of complete control and command over your own life? Make the image BIG and BRIGHT, see yourself smiling or laughing as you exude charisma and power to those around you.

Now Relax

Now I want you to take your answers and play a game; a brain game.

First, take the answers for creating a painful association and sit comfortably and close your eyes. For 2-3 minutes I want you to think about not working out and then immediately visualize one of your answers.

For example, you say inwardly, “I’m not going to work out today” while seeing yourself lying on the couch or whatever it is you would be doing instead. Then quickly see the body you are dissatisfied with and be real. If you hate it, say you hate it. You must evoke emotional responses. If emotion is not involved, it won’t work. Again, see yourself deciding not to work out and then visualize the social situation where it feels painful to have that body. Repeat this process over and over again for 2-3 minutes.

Now do the same for creating the pleasurable association.

See yourself performing your first set of your workout, maybe accompany this by saying, “I love working out”. Now switch quickly to the image of you walking around with your ideal body, how good does that feel? See yourself with the partner of your dreams on your arm. Again, keep switching between seeing yourself work out and the ‘feel good’ images. Repeat for 2-3 minutes non-stop.

Now Test it

Think about something completely different for a minute to take your mind off of this. Then say, “I’m not going to work out today” or “I’m going to stop working out altogether” – does it feel painful?

Also, just thinking about working out should get you excited now! If the associations haven’t stuck, you need to create more emotion. Make the pain and pleasure you feel during the visualization real. If you notice, in the weeks or months to come that the associations lose some of their power, simply repeat this process again. You could also do a mini version of this before every workout for that added edge in the gym.

This Works

NLP has been studied by millions around the world. Its techniques can radically transform your life. If you went through the exercise above correctly, you may never miss another workout again. Also, be aware that you can use this process to change virtually any aspect of your character or behavior, so have fun with it!

To the new, empowered you! Your buddy,

Mark McManus

Skinsfan28 wrote:My two minute challenge would be lasting two minutes with Hobby's mom. That's for you Yellow. (That's what I yell after every orgasm)

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Postby Yellow-Jumpsuit » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:41 am


Boy, I am really on a soap box today!

I can’t believe how the world has changed. They say we are in the digital age. The age of convenience, the age of enlightenment and progress. What a load of bullshit.

Today we seem to have a new education topic… excuseology. Of late this has become more and more prevalent in my mind.

Our whole standards, of almost everything, is going backwards. The service standards and lack of commitment of companies is so poor, some of them need an axe through their heads! I went into a gas station today to get some gas and the clerk behind the counter was on the phone but chose to serve me at the same time. He never looked at me once, he simple rang up on the till what I owed and put his hand out for the money of which I handed it to him. He put the money in the till and kept on with his phone call. He obviously had no understanding of “good service with a smile” that the sign on the front of the store displayed. He had no interest in making my visit to the store an enjoyable one and certainly didn’t bother trying to make me feel welcome. I was an inconvenience obviously. He didn’t even bother to find out if I wanted anything else!

The sad truth is that this has happened to me countless time. To put this into perspective I grew up in the 1960’s in a city of 1.5 million. Despite the size, even as a child, I noticed people were friendlier. All the local stores knew all the local families and all the children by name. You could always count on a big smile, great manners and very often the store keepers gave away free sweets to the kids. People genuinely cared about their customers and one felt obliged to always buy from those stores. Today they don’t give a shit.

Bad standards today are almost an accepted thing. The company I work for has an IT technician and sometimes we call him up and he will say he will be there first thing in the morning only to show up a week later without so much as a phone call or email to say he cant make it. We would fire him except he is the only one who knows our systems and he takes advantage of that. From my old eyes I look around and see people in all endeavours who just don’t give a shit about good standards and being accountable. To me they lack personal integrity.

My wife and I have been married for 30 years now and I may seem biased but this is absolutely true, I have never met anyone with a work ethic like hers. She does everything properly. She’s a senior manager of a marketing company and does everything by the book. It’s done right and it’s done on time. Why? Because she is afraid of being disciplined or fired? Does she do it because she wants to brown nose the boss for a promotion? Absolutely not! She does it because that’s what she expects from herself and nothing less. She simply cannot live with herself knowing she could have done a job better. It doesn’t matter who she works for, whether that be for a firm, or at times in our lives, where we have been self employed… the standard and expectation is the same. There is no compromise.

Today I had my expectations shattered. In the early 1970’s I started Karate with a traditional hardcore no compromise Japanese based system. The training was brutal and un-compromising. They don’t train that way today. In those days if you had the balls to make it through to 1st degree (shodan) black belt there was some credibility in your skill. My first teacher when I first started had retired from competition and was undefeated over a 12 year period in our country. That is an incredible achievement. He was a 3rd Dan when I started and his skill level was astounding. Simply awe inspiring. So very quickly he became my hero and I sought to mimic his training regime and skill. Of course, at the time, I was an impressionable teenager, but despite that, thinking back to his personal performance, I have seen very few people imitate that today.

Fast forward 37 years. I happened to be surfing the net and found a website that was offering courses on self defense. Lo and behold one of the “facilitators” was this very same teacher. I read his resume, 7th Dan Karate, advisor and trainer to airline security, airline crisis management training, 22 years teaching special forces, Undefeated Karate Champion… an impressive resume I thought. Then I read on how he runs classes for individuals and security companies. Then I turned the page to see the rest of the resume and his photo.

I looked at the photo and thought that cant be him! I was shocked. It was unbelievable to start off with but after a closer examination of his eyes I realized it was definitely him. He always used to preach to us about training hard, training for life, taking care of your health, eating right and staying focused on ones training.

The photo I was looking at was that of an old, burnt out, fat hypocrite who has let himself go and has no credibility in what he is preaching. My old mentor became a point of pity and sadness for me.

You put your hero’s up so high up on a pedestal you think they will never fall. Its just another case of compromising standards.

Everybody seems to be compromising these days. Employees slack off on the job, retail stores don’t give good service, repair technicians only do a job half right, tradesmen short cut a job to save themselves money. The list goes on and on.

When is it going to friggin stop? We are not living in a world of sophistication and higher learning. We are living in a world of people that have no personal integrity and no accountability and will short cut everything because everyone else does

Lose weight by eating this pill. Burn fat in only 3 minutes a day. Come to our McDojo and become a feared Karate killer in 12 easy lessons. Become a Kung Fu master with our online training course. Buy our wizz bang product that will do sweet frig all for you, for the good cause of lining our pockets!

When is this utter bullshit going to end?

If you are involved in any of the afore mentioned activities then I really feel I want to punch your lights out!

We have become a bunch of thieves! We steal from the customer, we steal from the boss, we steal from the company and we steal from the naïve. Don’t turn your back on me I will get you!

The sad thing is when you analyse it, it all boils down to the fact that we are stealing from ourselves. When we set low standards it’s contagious. It effects others around us. They watch you, analyse your performance and think “Well if its good enough for him..”.

Have you ever been around a group of top performers in any field? In my line of work I deal with financial advisers and recently went to a meeting with a group of industry top performers. The lowest earner in that group is earning $500,000 US per year…yeah the lowest. What I noticed with these people apart from the fact that they are easy to get along with and great enjoyers of fun, was that they set high standards for themselves. Not only in sales performance but customer service, follow up and attention to detail. They really go the extra mile for their customers and guess what? They build their business to ever increasing heights of success because they stand out by being outstanding.

How does this relate to your training? If you haven’t figured that out so far I better explain.

You have to be a visionary. You have to look around, find the highest standards you can find and set the bar higher because you are better than that. You have to be so positive that you will go after Moby Dick and take the Tartare sauce with you!

Don’t accept second best. Your personal level of integrity does not allow that level of compromise in all facets of your life. Compromise is the easy way out. Compromise is for wimps and cowards.

A fighter is self disciplined, courageous and highly organized. They don’t understand low standards. The word does not compute. If you want to perform at the top levels, then emulate top performers and never compromise one inch.

You really have to become self disciplined with your standards. Fortunately its all developed by practice and never giving an inch.

Don’t look at other peoples low standards and aim slightly higher. Aim higher than the highest and the wings of creative planning and hard work will soar you way above the compromise of mediocrity.

Do you want to be like the compromisers or do you want to be like the person in your dreams?

It all boils down to a choice…. And by the way you young people never forget the pedestal of your hero’s can and may one day crack and break!

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Skinsfan28 wrote:My two minute challenge would be lasting two minutes with Hobby's mom. That's for you Yellow. (That's what I yell after every orgasm)

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Postby Jordan40oz. » Fri May 11, 2018 1:38 am

In my case, you know, I hate to advocate drugs or liquor, violence, insanity to anyone. But in my case it's worked. - Dr. HST

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Re: Member-Created Articles/Posts Archive

Postby Jordan40oz. » Fri May 11, 2018 1:40 am

I wrote an article for the NSCA's Strength and Conditioning Journal last year on the Overhead Press. Hope everyone enjoys. ... head_Press
In my case, you know, I hate to advocate drugs or liquor, violence, insanity to anyone. But in my case it's worked. - Dr. HST

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