Anterior compartment syndrome?

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Anterior compartment syndrome?

Postby chocoholic » Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:21 pm

I've been having this tightness and severe cramping in my lower legs, today it was especially bad so I did a bit of research thinking that I may be suffering from shin splints and hoped that some exotic stretches may help but from the looks of it I have all of the hallmarks of anterior compartment syndrome.

I will be harassing my doctor tomorrow morning for a professional second opinion.

A little bit of history...

For a while now I've been getting pains along the lines of severe cramp in my tibialis anterior. Today it was so bad that I couldn't actually flex or extend my foot and I was really struggling to walk not to mention that it was bloody painful. In then end I had to turn back after about 1/2 a mile and when I got back I had swellings/lumps on my tibialis anterior.

The pain and tightness only goes away with rest, stretching has little if any effect.

Exercise intensity tends to have an effect on the speed of onset and level of pain, a fast walk uphill brings it on rapidly, a gentle walk on the flat has very little effect. When I play squash or resistance train I don't experience any problems. Initially I thought it was due to poor lower body endurance but I can happily play 1+ hours of squash, do several sets of weighted tabata lunges, squat, deadlift, etc with no problems.

I am an overpronator and I do occasionally use orthotics, they have on occasion helped with the discomfort.

I do weight train and I have put on around a stone of muscle since last summer.

So basically I'm asking if anyone has had any experience of anterior compartment syndrome, any advice, etc.

Myofascial release does seem to be an option for treatment/prevention, if anyone has got any recommendations on books, equipment, people to talk to, it would be much appreciated.

Hopefully I'm going to be proven wrong tomorrow and it's just because I've been neglecting my stretching :mozilla_oops:

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Re: Anterior compartment syndrome?

Postby pathfighter » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:06 am

Necromancing this thread, as I've just been diagnosed with chronic exertional compartment syndrome in the lower leg. Anterior compartment, and possibly deep posterior, subject to confirmation with pressure measurements. What ever came of this for you, chocoholic?
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Re: Anterior compartment syndrome?

Postby chocoholic » Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:54 pm

Wow old memories!

With the benefit of hindsight my issues self resolved when I substantially cut training volume (particularly uphill rucking/running) and got more rest.

At the time I was rucking to and from uni up and down hill with a bag full of books and normally some extra weight plates as well. On top of that I was weight training and playing squash.

When my schedule changed and I became more sedentary, and I reserved the rucking for the odd weekend off as opposed to every day, the pain/cramping gradually subsided but it took months. I think I also picked up a knee injury around the same sort of time so I had a period of forced rest.

I saw little or no improvement from stretching and foam rolling the tibialis anterior and my calves.

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Re: Anterior compartment syndrome?

Postby Snaplight » Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:54 am

I've had this.

I googled the image for the surgery to fix it at the time and scared myself senseless.

I went to get check out and was instructed ( rather curtly and off hand I thought.. ) that I would just not run again..... well , bluntly F##K that as a solution.

What worked for me I think.

Stretching and rolling out the Fascia with a hard roller.
More stretching.
Weight loss - Muscular weight & Fat Weight - I did this via a High Stress Diet ( relationship issues ) and I.F which I'm now a fan of.
Gently getting back into an aerobic base - walking - jogging - running in that order.

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