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Pre Purchase Book FAQ

Postby Ross Enamait » Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:37 pm

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Below is an informal pre-purchase FAQ. For those who have additional questions, send me a private message through the forum, or email me directly at

I am not sure what book (Never Gymless or Infinite Intensity) is right for me. Do you have any suggestions?

The primary difference between the two programs is in regards to training modalities. Both books target similar goals (ie. getting stronger, more powerful, better conditioned, etc.). Infinite Intensity focuses on the integration of free weights, bodyweight exercise, sandbags, and more. Never Gymless focuses primarily on bodyweight exercise (taken to another level when compared to the bodyweight movements seen within Infinite Intensity). Resistance bands are also included as a way to spice up certain movements. Nutrition is covered within Never Gymless, but not within Infinite Intensity.

Program creation is covered within each, as the goal is to provide you with the information needed to create your own workouts based on your specific goals.

To hear what others have said regarding the differences, please refer to the threads below:

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How is Full Throttle Conditioning different from the two books?

Full Throttle Conditioning includes a DVD and companion manual. Conditioning is the primary focus within this program.

Please refer to the link below for a complete listing of the exact contents. It should clarify any confusion regarding the differences between the other two books. ... p?p=229769


Does one book progress to another? If so, which offers the ideal starting point?

I did not create these books (and DVD) with the intention that one would progress to another. Each program is meant to stand on its own. These are not books that will require you to go out and purchase another book to make sense of the program. Each stands on its own, and can be used as is, without the need for added material.

My advice is to first learn what is included within each program, and then decide for yourself which is most appropriate per your precise interests and needs. Personal preference is perhaps the most important factor in determining what is right for you.


Ross, I am a beginner. What book do you recommend?

From my collection, Never Gymless is perhaps the best choice. The book is not specific to beginners however, but it contains several progressions that can be used by beginners. Ultimately, the book is based on training principles that can be applied to most populations. There is a starting point for most readers, just as there is no end point. I have had 50+ year old women use the book, along with 20 year old professional fighters. I have also had readers who used the program and lost more than 100 pounds. For one recent success story, please refer to the link below: ... oss-story/


Ross, I am not a fighter. Can I still use your books?

I boxed when I was younger. I am not a boxer however. I am a trainer with an interest in combat athletics. My training philosophy emphasizes all-around development. My books are not specific to any single sport. The physical qualities developed through my programs will be useful in a multitude of sporting events.

The books are not specific to boxing.


Ross, what happened to the other books that you used to sell?

I phased out the older material a few years ago to make way for new and improved content. The new books are much more comprehensive in comparison to the older manuals.

Each program (on its own) will provide more than enough workouts to keep you busy for a long time.


What kind of results can I expect from these programs?

The results are largely up to the user. When you purchase a book, it will only prove useful if you read and apply the material. If however you remain diligent and consistent, results will follow. How hard you work and how consistent you remain will largely dictate your success.

As for the possibilities, the link below shows the results of several forum members: ... 56#p297756

The testimonials page shows many more. These are all unsolicited testimonials, volunteered by the individuals.


What happens if I have a question after reading through one of the books?

I am not going anywhere. I encourage questions via email or through this forum. I am always happy to assist.

I have also created a post purchase FAQ area on this forum where I regularly respond to common questions, and provide updates to each of the manuals. You can view the post purchase FAQ at the link below: ... 88#p394288

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