10 000 kb-swing challenge

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Re: 10 000 kb-swing challenge

Postby RepublicJim » Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:32 pm

Sad to say, I ended up having to tap out in the final week. :mozilla_cry: So close, but not quite. As I was racking the bar after a Zercher squat early in a workout I felt and heard something pop in my upper chest near my armpit. It didn't hurt bad; in fact after considering the risk I went ahead and completed that workout. I did find though that each swing caused some irritation, as did other movements that put any strain on my chest or arm. Much as I want to grind through it and complete the challenge, I have to look at the big picture and not make a minor injury worse by being stupid. I have way too many other things to do to be sidelined with any serious problems. So, completion of the challenge will elude me this time as I rehab, but I will do it again sometime in the future when it fits into my plans.

That said, a few final observations:

I lost a total of six pounds while doing the swings, and my abs - while still not impressive - are definitely more visible. My hands feel great and my grip endurance improved substantially. I am having a little trouble with an achy elbow tendon, but I don't know if that is because of high-rep swings, chinups, lots of shoveling snow, or (most likely) the combination of all of the above. My hamstrings are tighter now, requiring more stretching, but actually feel more muscular than when I began. I'm eager to see if all those hip hinges make a difference with my deadlifting when I resume regular strength training.

While disappointed about the way it ended, I'm glad I attempted the challenge. It was good for me both mentally and physically. I will probably revisit it next year, but in late spring or early summer instead of the dead of winter.
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Re: 10 000 kb-swing challenge

Postby SDMF » Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:47 pm

I just finished the 30 day, 10,000 swing challenge! I'm really glad I did this. I didn't have any specific goals since I recently got back into exercise a few months ago after taking over a year off. This challenge was brutal at first but I feel like it jump started my fitness and I'm back in the groove now.
I started with a 45lb KB for the first 7 workouts before I purchased a 53lb. The 53 is actually higher quality thus did not tear up my hands as much which was a plus. I lost about 8lbs even though I ate a lot more than normal. As others have said, I had a hard time keeping my fridge stocked during the past 30 days! I am still about 25lbs over where I want to be so I'm not surprised the weight came off during his challenge. I don't have any measurements to go by other than the mirror but my body composition changed as well. I look leaner & stronger all over & I'm pretty sure my forearms are twice the size.

I tailored the in-between exercises to my own level but did not follow the 1/2/3 rep scheme - I did a weight with 3 to 5 reps and typically added in 10 pushups as well. For example: 5 db thursters + 10 pushups, or 3 overhead press + 10 pushups, 3 chinups + 10 pushups, 5 squats + 10 pushups. I would have loved to do dips but somethings wrong with my wrist and it's aggravated from them. I didn't have a rhyme or reason - just did what I was feeling but I always tried to include pushups because I wanted to improve there. I even felt crazy and did 5 burpees between each set one day until I got to 50 and had to change to pushups haha that was hard! 1 workout per week I would do without any additional movement between sets.

I always changed up the rep schemes while making sure I got those 50 sets in (with the exception of the first 2 workouts where I had to break up the 50s, I quickly adapted physically and mentally). Sometimes I did all the 50s in the beginning. sometimes I did (10/15/25/50x5), (20/30/50x5) Once did (100, 75+25, 50x2, 25x4, 20x5) It kept things interesting for me. I did 1 workout per week of just 500 swings and nothing else in order to track progress. My final race to 500 was over 13 minutes faster than my week 1 time AND that's with the heavier KB!!

I've also done 3 deadlifting sessions of the t-nation 17 week simple deadlift program. I was hesitant about this but I started on a rest week and finished during a rest week so it was only 3 sessions of heavy deadlifting. I did drop all other accessory movements that I was doing prior such as squats, jeffersons, rack pulls, good mornings, etc. I'm going into week 13 of that program and I will resume accessory movements - it will be interesting to see how I do when I re-test my max. I used a belt and warmed up / stretched a lot on those deadlifting days. I was sore but not in pain. I did the swings and deadlifts in completely different sessions.

Overall this was a great experience. I am definitely going to do more swings in my future routine. I used to dread doing them and now I love them, go figure. I think a max set or two of maximum reps would be great finisher. I'd also like to start doing heavy T-handle sets of lower reps. I am now hungry for a new challenge. 100 burpees a day for life?
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